«Our well-being arises
from our capacity to acknowledge our wounds
and to break free from them. »

C.G Jung

Know yourself

Understand your life journey, learn how to express your bad energy with words to release your body from draining emotions.

Become who you are and take your own happiness in hand by resorting to your positive energies, which we usually know well and master, and most importantly, by transforming those areas of darkness that slow you down into lightness to achieve your original wholeness.

To no longer unconsciously obey to your family destiny, but to recover your freedom of BEING. Isn’t this the most beautiful journey

My Approach

I propose to help you get to know yourself better and take a grasp of your personal legend through a series of tools that I have been using for the last 15 years.

- Jungian analytical psychology
- Jungian Astro-psychology
- Dental Decoding
- Biological Decoding
- Psycho-genealogy

I invite you to get a few insights about my tools

How to improve your well-being

Shedding light, revealing those areas of darkness that can unconsciously misguide us and lead us without our knowledge on an illusory path that takes us further away from our internal balance, of a state of good health and psychological well-being.

Learn to identify these shadow areas that lead us into illusionary path away from our inner equilibrium and well-being

Jungian analytical psychology

The so-called Jungian analytical psychology, since developed by Carl Gustav JUNG, is based on the existence of the personal unconscious (a Freudian legacy). Some other cultures would speak of Karma, but also and most importantly, of the collective inconscious that shared by all human beings.

The unconsciousness would be the seat of primordial psychic structures Jung calls archetypes. Those archetypes or symbols take various appearances and can be found in each one of us, independently of culture, religion, or the absence of it.

They represent the remaining of experiences that have been constantly repeated by humanity since the beginning of its history, and are genetically transmitted. They appear in dreams, visions, myths, tales and through other esoteric teachings.

Jungian therapy is characterised by the concern to help people shed light on those archetypes and assimilate them in order to transform the way they live their own experiences.


All great civilisations have had or still have their astrological system. Modern Western civilisation has deliberately chosen to operate on a rational basis, dismissing faith and holistic practices such as astrology which has been merely reduced to horoscop or to an attempt to predict the future.

Since the thirties, the Western man has become aware of the limits of his own system of thoughts. In particular, he came to the conclusion that Western medicine, as efficient as it can be technically, has the major flaw not to listen and pay attention to the person as a whole. A new astrology has emerged in the thirties thanks to the works of Dane Rudhyar.

Schools were created, mostly in the Anglo-Saxon world, and based their astrological practice on the research of psychologists such as Jung. The goal of this "modern" astrology is not to predict but rather to enable men and women to grasp all their potential, though acceptance of their positive as well as negative sides, and to put it into effect in order to become who they are.

Through this astrolgocical reading it is possible to reach the psychological depths of the individual and have access to the family history carried inside, the parental archetypes as well as the path of the Soul of this same individual.

All this conditioning that unconsciously dictates one’s private and professional lives [for better or for worse] and leads to physical and/or psychic unbalance in key moments of the existence. It is precisely in those moments when it becomes essential to transform one’s way of living rather than to merely survive.


Mrs. Ancelin Shtzengerger has created this concept, after observing the recurrence of some diseases such as colon cancer within the same family as well as the recurrence of situations or accidents occurring at the same date as those of an ancestor following an identification process that the living family member has not necessarily knowledge of.

We are all born in a family in which concealed secrets continue to navigate as a result of the shame or misfortune some of our ancestors have suffered or inflicted during their lifetime (e.g.: illegitimate children, abandonment, single motherhood, lack of recognition, bankruptcy, murder...). All events that can appear shameful in a family and that are silenced.

This “family legend” is transmitted through the generations and generates recurrent behaviours or life situations in some members of the same family.

A person whose ancestor had suffered from abandonment (death of a parent, warfare...) will develop mental systems to avoid all risks to suffer from abandonment. Thus generating some unconscient driven behaviours; such as feeling the need to break up as soon as a relationship appears solid, by fear of being abandoned in turn.

Some individual living a seemingly perfect life may suddenly suffer from diseases or go through a crisis. Sometimes confusion and despair occur and we begin to ask questions to ourselves such as : who am I really, where do I feel like going, how and why. Everything tends to give away this secret without saying words (forbidden in the name of the secret that protect family honour), but rather through certain behaviours or afflictions; the soul awakes and send us signs.


We have distinct physical bodies, with some areas that are considered fragile and others robust and which are programmed. Those programming processes carry our family history as we have previously seen and are embedded in the very core of our organs. Those are going to react to the emotion that is buried there, thus no longer determining a certain behaviour but rather a certain disease or ill-being.

An inherited emotion that has been buried reactivates itself for not having been able to express itself. This emotion can re-emerge in such an acute way as to modify our whole physiology and sometimes generate disease in our body.

This disease is coded in the brain only to make us understand that it is necessary to identify and correct the emotion that has no longer a reason to exist and that yet dictates us - out of fear - a compensating behaviour that is no longer adequate.

Ills in the body then replace the words that have not been expressed by the individual.


The tooth…. So alive and so tough at the same that one additional hour of cremation is needed to reduce it to ashes.Teeth are also a wonderful mirror of the individual through their appearance date, delay in their evolution, their shape and their position…

This reading, through the Jungian archetypes previously described, also provides access to the psychology of depths and cross-check information of the birth chart.

Dental roots (the part buried in the bone, as if they wanted to preserve their secrets), their shape, characteristics, number, will be as many indicators about family memories, secrets, all borne by the individual.

Dental pathologies, notably dental decays, according to their position, their appearance date, or any other pathology of the bone or of the gum, will speak to us of buried emotions that are unconsciously active, as we saw earlier. Following an external event, apparently incidental, those emotions will be reactivated, and similarly to automatic piloting, will be able to eventually trigger a pathology of the tooth, hence the term dental decoding.

Free your mind

Here have been briefly summarised some of the tools I propose to use in order to help you better understand professional and family situations, or diseases that, at some point, can come disturb our well-being and our state of physical or psychological health.

“If you don’t confront your shadow, it will come back to you in the form of destiny” said Jung

What if you dared, in light of this self-discovery, to write your own path of life and no longer endure those unconscious memories that conflict with the realisation of your fundamental self.

Body healing

Those tools enable to consciously recover a piece of information and to bring it back to the mental level. But along with this, it will also be necessary to take out the emotion that is blocked within the cells of the body in order to once and for all eliminate its consequences in the form of diseases and/or negative behaviours that generate ill-being and internal misunderstanding- all what the previous study will have shown to us.

Energetic work can, shall this occur, enable us to meet our inner archetype characters that can lead some individuals to instant liberation.

Regressions methods permit an exploration of bad memories inside and their elimination

Retrieved emotion and words coming back to consciousness can condition our healing since the opposite had caused our disease.

What do I propose?

Live in-situ or long distance (Astro-psychology) to help you highlight your Life Path.
Live in-situ or long distance to rebalance Energies in case of tiredness, disease, accident, surgery, depression...
Live in-situ or long distance on a disease to harmonize body and soul and favorize the recovery process

My Consultations


One hour

65 Dollars

Two hours

130 Dollars
Energetical Consultation :
Energy Release

40 minutes

110 Dollars

« The greatest traveler is not the one who has gone around the world ten times but around himself once»

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